Leave us out of your Family Problem – Nigerians slam Aisha Buhari

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Nigerians have slammed Aisha Buhari after she released a statement against Garba Shehu, spokesman to the President and Mamman Daura, Buhari’s nephew. The First Lady in a signed statement accused both political office holders of meddling in her family affairs.

However, Nigerians have slammed the First Lady for attempting to attract public sympathy via the social media she once encouraged her husband to ban.

Aisha Buhari Is Coming Online To Take Another Round Of Sympathy From The Same Platform She Wants Her Husband To Ban; Fraudulent Wife Of A Useless General


Aisha Buhari who is in support of the bill to gag the media is coming to the same media to cry for help & sympathy over, Mamman Daura’s directive to Garba Shehu to not recognise her office.

Small injustice melted out on Aisha Buhari in Aso Rock, she will run to Social Media to cry. But she is advocating for tighter social media regulations. Eskizz ma, you don’t deserve our sympathy/audience, you deserve the likes of Mamman Daura, Garba Shehu and others


Can’t think of anyone that has undermined General Buhari more than Aisha Buhari in the last 12 months. Every time she speaks her truth, it just goes on to show that the man is not in charge.
If Aisha Buhari cannot say what the hell is going on in Aso-rock then she should forever hold her peace or go keep herself busy in the kitchen. My honest to God opinion is that she is manipulative. Throwing snippets to us so that we fight her enemies for her.
Pls do not be distracted by the war of personal aggrandizement between Aisha Buhari, Mamman Daura & Garba Shehu.
Twitter today is for @MobilePunch‘s bold move to stand up to the autocratic regime of the day by henceforth designating Buhari ‘Major-General’, no longer ‘President’.

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When Aisha Buhari has issues with the cabal, she runs to the Social Media & Press to cry wolf. This same woman advocated for a ban on social media, remember? Madam, please stew in your vomit and leave us out. The damage your husband & his cabal has created for us is still here.
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Aisha Buhari after supporting social media bill comes to the same social media to cry wolf about Mamman Daura and Garba Shehu

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