Zamfara Governor Offers to Resign Over Insecurity

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Zamfara’s state governor, Abdulaziz Yari, has offered to leave his post of governor if it will bring about security in the state.

A spate of attacks have hit the state making it a rather unsafe place to be in recent times and Yari has so far been championing the call for a state of emergency in the state.

Detractors have been quick to point out that Yari is doing this over fears that he could lose his job.

The Zamfara governor was quick to counter them, stating that he would gladly trade his governorship for peace in the state.

“I’m not playing politics with it (declaration of state of emergency). I’m serious about it,” Yari said to a house correspondent in Abuja where he went to see the President.

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He was bullish about the State’s chances of conducting elections as he said that the current insecurity in the state would in no way impact the elections in any way.

He also disclosed that he and President Buhari discussed the insecurity and he assured everyone that the bandits were not occupying any territory within the state and he also threw a subtle jab in the way of the security agencies, claiming that they could easily have brought the situation under control if they were competent.

“There is no place being occupied by the armed bandits in Zamfara state. They live and operate in the forest. They strike and run. Most of the camps are known by locals,” he said.

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