Nnamdi Kanu Will Pay for My Son’s Blood- Aggrieved Mother Cries Out

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An aggrieved man by the name Mr Onyema Isaac, took to his twitter to pour out his frustration on the indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) for allegedly killing his brother during the clash between the Army and the group in Abia.

Ugo who claimed the victim Kelechi Metuh was his brother said he warned the dead man to avoid all involvement with the IPOB group but was ignored.

According to him, the victim who was a butcher at the Anara market in Imo state had abandoned his business after being brainwashed by Nnamdi Kanu with the group’s ideologies.

He further described the reactions of the parents when they got the news of their son’s death.

His tweets, “I told Kelechi to stop this IPOB of a thing but he didn’t listen, because he has been brainwashed by Nnamdi Kanu. I don’t know if he was under a spell by IPOB. Today, where is Kelechi?

“We got the news from an unknown caller on Friday night by 9pm, that Kelechi was shot by army(sic) in NK (Nnamdi Kanu’s) community.

“if you want to confirm what am saying go to his place in IMO. When you get to Owerri, take a bus going to Anara in Isiala Mbano from Okigwe (motor) park.

“When you get to Anara junction, enter a bike going to Umuehie village in Anara, tell him to take you to the king’s palace, ask them of the family that their son was killed.”

Reporting on the parents’ reaction, the victim’s mother said, “We did not know that it was his last day for him on earth, Kelechi my son is dead, and I will not see him again.

“Nnamdi Kanu don’t know who my son is, but my son died because of him, he will pay for his blood, Nnamdi Kanu will pay for Kelechi’s blood.”

Ugo also advised the youths in the South East to learn from the tragic events and avoid being used as a tool to disrupt the nation.

He also likened the activities of the IPOB to Boko Haram stating that both groups were involved in the shedding of blood and destruction of worship centres.

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