“Bridges, schools and hospitals must be built” – New Ghanaian Leader

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Ghana’s newly sworn in president, John Mahama sounds in a hurry to get the ball rolling on development in his country. Ghana is already one of Africa’s leading and better-managed economies.

The country has one of Africa’s richest deposits of  Gold, timber, cocoa, diamond, bauxite, and Manganese. These deposits have recently been dwarfed by the huge oil and gas deposits discovered in its territory. Ghana’s new president sounds like he is resolved to steer his country into a new era of economic progress, but in an era of gross corruption in sub-Saharan Africa, can he buck the trend and truly achieve practical results.

At his innaugural address, Mr. Mahama, 54, said, “Ghana should and will be a place where economic opportunities are available to everyone.

“I will work to ensure that Ghana is a place where all our citizens, regardless of faith, ethnicity and political affiliation, will have the opportunities available to them to reach their full potential.”

Bridges, schools and hospitals must be built … We must continue to invest in our agricultural sector and grow our economy.”

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