Brutalized Banker Takes Campaign Against Police Ineptitude to Twitter

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Femi Badejo, the Access Bank staff, who was shot five times by a member of the Nigerian Police Force after he was visited by armed robbers has taken his campaign against police ineptitude to social media site, Twitter.

The banker who obviously has a lot of reasons to be angry is focusing his energies on exposing the rot in the police force with a view to changing the mentality and attitudes of the men in black.

Badejo uses his twitter handle @DRealFemiBadejo to expose police corruption, ineptitude and high-handedness that is prevalent in Nigeria. For years international bodies such as Amnesty International, the United Nations and even the United States State Department has called on the Nigerian government to reform its police in order to reduce atrocities such as extra-judicial killings, rape and brutality.

The Police is yet to accept responsibility for Mr. Badejo’s shooting although it is common knowledge that one of their operatives is the culprit.

The police have also refused to accept a petition from the victim’s lawyer, one Tayo Fayemiwo.

The lawyer said, “The immediate reason for this release stems from the blatant refusal by the office of the Commissioner of Police Lagos State as well as the Maroko Police Division to accept the letters sent to them. The office of the Commissioner of Police has blatantly refused to accept the service of the letters on it via courier services.

“Also at the Maroko Police Division, the station refused delivery of our letter claiming not to have been involved in the matter and that the Ajah Division was solely responsible for the incident. This is however contrary to the information we have that both Ajah and Maroko divisions were at the scene of the crime. We sincerely hope the letter sent to the Inspector-General of Police will not be met by the same fate.

“We at this point want to state that the deliberate act of refusing to collect our letter is seen as callous, shrewd and amounts to a plot to deny responsibility. Having caused grievous harm to our client, we least expect that the police will again add to his condition an emotional and psychological strain by denying the liability of their officers’ discreditable conduct, who used their authority to inflict unlawful and unnecessary violence on the person and psych of our client.



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