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Clay Math Institute Denies Century Old Math Problem Solved By Nigerian

The Clay Math institute has distanced itself from claims that the Riemann Hypothesis, a 156 year old unsolved mathematical problem has been solved by a Nigerian egghead, Dr. Opeyemi Enoch. Enoch is a professor with the Federal University, Oye Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Several publications had gone to town with the report yesterday and earlier today, stating that the scholar had won the $1 million prize offered to whomever can solve the problem.

Email checks with the Clay Math institute resulted in a response from the Office of the President of the institute.

Naomi Kraker, administrative manager in an email to The Herald said, “As a matter of policy, the Clay Mathematics Institute does not comment on solutions to the Millennium Problems.  The current status of the problems and complete information about each, can be found at; I’m afraid I can not add anything beyond  what is available there.”

Subsequent check on the website revealed that the problem actually remains unsolved.

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