Why Drivers Choose Uber

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Uber connects tens of thousands of people in Nigeria to safe, reliable and affordable transportation at the tap of a button, in fact, Uber has travelled approximately 9 000 000 km since their launch in Nigeria. But Uber is much more than getting a ride, it is also about providing economic opportunities by simply opening an app, which helps people to either support their families or to earn additional income. Just in 2015 alone, Uber enabled over 1000 economic opportunities across Nigeria.

Uber has allowed people who have never considered driving for a living to use the platform to become their own boss, to work flexibly and make money to achieve their goals and support their families.

As a driver-partner, one can look forward to the following:

Be your own boss

As an independent contractor with Uber, driver-partners have the freedom and flexibility to drive whenever they have time. They are able to set their own schedule because there are no minimum times for operating. Choosing your own hours makes it possible for drivers to be there for all of life’s most important moments. Individuals who own their own transportation companies can still carry on and use the Uber app to connect their drivers with riders and grow their small businesses.

Upskilling the industry

Driver-partners are important to Uber, therefore Uber is committed to upskilling drivers with the skills they need to run their own businesses. This includes skills linked to operating on the platform, such as guidance for using a smartphone efficiently, GPS and navigation, health and safety best practices, working with email or tips on how to improve service to riders.

Helping grow your business

Lagos and Abuja are buzzing and Uber makes it easy for drivers to connect to riders looking for affordable and safe transport. Uber has connected with great corporate partners across Nigeria to provide tools for Nigerians to get started with their own small businesses, which is a great first step to becoming their own boss.

With some of these corporate partnerships, drivers are able to purchase mobile phones at an affordable rate, maintenance packages, discounted lifestyle membership fees at select gyms and other perks. Drivers also have access to the Uber’s marketplace, where companies can list offerings for the driver-partner community which includes discounted vehicle financing, insurance and vehicle purchasing deals.

In addition to this, Uber has partnered with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) so all driver-partners in Nigeria, whether they use the platform part or full-time, are not burdened with the intricacies of tax compliance. This partnership means driver-partners can become knowledgeable on their tax compliance with the local regulations.

Uber is efficient

Uber’s technology is designed to help drivers by giving them the flexibility to set their own schedule while boosting demand so drivers spend more time moving people and less time sitting idle, which means drivers are able to take more money home.

This also mean it’s better for Nigeria, with fewer km’s spent driving to pick up points which results in fewer emissions and less unnecessary congestion on Nigeria’s roads.

No discrimination

With Uber there is no discrimination or favouritism, the platform is open to all who want to use the app to increase their chances for profit and will work with them to provide them with the tools to build their own small businesses. When there are more drivers working on the Uber platform this means better coverage across Lagos and Abuja and less time waiting times for riders. Faster pick ups lead to happier riders, who tell their friends.

Ebi Atawodi, General Manager for Uber West Africa explains, “With over 20% of partners being previously unemployed, we’re proud that the Uber platform enables driver-partners to not only be their own bosses, work at their own hours and set their own targets, but also to make a good living for themselves and their families.”

Uber is committed to offering the people of Nigeria a new way to work, on their terms, and in doing so boosting the incomes of thousands of Nigerian families who need it most.

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