Military Chiefs Suspect Sabotage In Helicopter Crash

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Military bigwigs are seriously pursuing the angle of sabotage in the helicopter crash that killed the Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa, and the former National Security Adviser, General Andrew Azazi, as they continue to find out what led to the crash.

A source in top echelons of the Western Naval Command, who declined to be named because of how sensitive the issue is, said sabotage cannot be ruled out, especially going by reports they got that the helicopter exploded before it crashed.

“There is strong reason that it could be way more than a mechanical crash, especially going by the VIPs on board.”

The aircraft, believed to be one of those attached to the Chief of Naval Staff, crashed on its way from Olokoba. Other passengers on board were Dauda Tsoho, Warrant Officer Mohammed Kamal, Commander Muritala Daba and Lieutenant Adeyemi Sowole. They were departing the venue of the funeral of the father of presidential aide Oronto Douglas.

The aircraft was said to have been on an aerial reconnaissance mission in the creeks before being redeployed to the service of the naval chief.

The crash was the main topic of discussion among top military officers as they debated whether the plane was compromised or shut down.

According to the naval source, it was said that the plane exploded two to five minutes after take-off.

“We don’t know what really happened, hence the investigation. A lot of rumours have flying around. Some are even alleging sabotage. The real story from the investigation would clear this up.

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