Nigerian Ambassador Added To Woes Of Deportees In UK – Group


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In a shocking revelation, Alexia Thomas, Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, a fully registered British political party explained how Ambassador Olakunle Bamgbose, the Nigerian High Commissioner to United Kingdom, UK, fully participated in various covert meetings with Refugee Action, a malicious agency sets up under a covert operation by the UK Border Agency (UKBA), ABLE-a scam group designed to inflict pains on Nigerian detainees
whose appeals are still pending in courts against deportation and Paul Wylie, a phoney paramilitary boy whose expertise is cloning and preparing fake Home Office letters to aid quick ejection of Nigerians from Britain.

Her words: “I was going through my LinkedIn account, checking my emails, I came across this document, which is from a group that claimed they had a programme in the Nigerian High Commission on 30th October 2015; whereby
the ABLE organization in collaboration with Refugee Action and Nigerian Embassy here in United Kingdom (UK). That actually meant three organizations are working together: Nigerian High Commission, Refugee Action and ABLE presented a seminar on 30th October. When I saw this document, it dawned on me that this seminar was a malicious conference geared at assassinating the well-being of Nigerian people. We all know that ABLE are Ku-klutz plan organization bought by Immigration terrorists who love to disable the welfare of the Nigerian people. They got this unreal group of ABLE who are enemies of the Nigerian people. Another organization part of this criminality is the Refugee Action (RA). RA is not an agency for the interest of the Commonwealth nations or people, but
a malicious agency sets up under a covert operation by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) when they had the power to be running their covert operation before they got disband in October of 2013.

“When they set up the RA. What would normally happen is, the RA will use the names of the detainees, migrants in the UK who are stranded because the Home Office will not let them work, will not let them get a job and
would not let them have a family. So, they normally frustrate them to a point where they could no longer take it, but prefer to go back to their nations. This RA will go to the Home Office, extort money from Home Office
Treasury Account purporting that they would be given money to these detainees ready to go back home to their countries. RA is another Ku-Klutz organization using the names of Nigerians and Commonwealth citizens to
extort money from the State. These ABLE and RA could have convinced the Nigerian Embassy into a collaboration to present a seminar geared at telling the Nigerian people that they could actually return to Nigeria through a re-integration scheme. I could not believe what I was reading on this programme seminar’s invitation.

“As I looked deeper into this document, I saw in this seminar, they had a speaker and this speaker is Obaseki solicitors. Obaseki solicitors is one of the puppet solicitors that kept appearing on BEN Television, UK to harp
about Home Office said this, Home Office said that. I remembered telling BEN Television last week they don’t need those kinds of people-since they ought to go back to school, having realized that Nigerians have been brainwashed for over 60 years. They (Obaseki solicitors) cannot come on air and be telling us Home Office Legislative Confraternity is mandatory, when Home Office Legislative is as old as Fundamental Human Rights. I had to tell BEN Television to stop her and I got to know she was part of this seminar.”

Alexia noted: “Later, I saw on the footer of this invites a lady called Yemisi Jenkins. I can tell you that Yemisi Jenkins is the President of ABLE and I saw another lady’s name called Billy Salvage. I remembered that two weeks ago, I got a phone call from a lady who called herself Billy Salvage. Her actual name is Bilikisu Salvage. She identified herself over the phone as a journalist from Nigerian Television Authourity (NTA)
claiming she would like to interview me. I said NO if you are from NTA, I have a Media Director, you cannot just badge into me like that claiming you want to interview me. I asked to know what is the subject of her
interview would be. She said her aim was to find out the validity of my claim-then I directed her to the series of our expose on YouTube. I told her to surf the internet and educate herself, she insisted by saying NO.

“She was so rude, uncultured stating she had to put camera on me for the interview. At a point before I eventually replied the lady, Jibola-who is one of our employees expressed shock at Billy Salvage’s outburst. I have
never seen Jibola looking so angry. He told me the woman was not real.
Little did I know that in a week later, I realized that this same lady who purportedly lied working for NTA was an undercover agent, an informant who wanted to penetrate me to go and report to the Immigration or whoever was
sponsoring them in their Ku-Klutz plan group. Truly, Billy Savage is lone of the delegates in ABLE, lied to me she was working for NTA as their European Correspondent. So when I saw the names Yemisi Jenkins, Billy Savage and remembered this seminar held 30th October, and Nigerian High Commission was in collaboration with them, first thing that came to my mind was the boldness in which Mrs. C. I. Ngere, Deputy Immigration Attache in Nigerian High Commission, UK refused to revoke the deportation certificates against Nigerians. It became clear that Ngere had been assured by Jenkins and Salvage to relax her mind. It means that Nigerian High Commission, Ngere are in a Ku-Klux Klan with a scam agency calling themselves RA with ABLE to deceive the Nigerian populace. Nigerian House represents Nigerian people as a nation.”

This obviously angry President of Independent Diplomat Commission, IDC, states: “So if Nigerian House with groups that have no credibility, maligning the name and logo of the country on their letterhead invitation on Nigerian seminar showed that the Nigerian Ambassador Olakunle Bamgbose to the Minister of Immigration, Deputy Minister of Immigration (Ngere) need to be relieved of their jobs by the Nigerian Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recall. They need to go. I could actually see where Ngere power came from. Ngere is working in alliance with these Ku-Klux Klan blocking the welfare of the Nigerian people. Even though Ngere was mandated that the Nigerian justice system would commit her to death by hanging for Espionage, Treason, she had full confidence in herself. These were the people behind her. That was why she took laws into her hands and would eventually go the grave in her gullibility. The welfare of one Nigerian is more important than hers. As I am speaking to you, Ambassador Bamgbose and Ngere are still issuing Deportation Certificates till this hour. Nigerians were booked for deportation today, 8th December at 11:00am.”

Ambassador Bamgbose brainwashed with Fake, Cloned letter from Home Office, trades away Nigerian Integrity

Sounding confident holding evidential documents to back up her claim, Alexia lambasted Nigerian Ambassador, by saying: “On the second document I sent you which I received from one of my crusaders on the streets of Britain, this document is a scam. I will be requesting for the immediate deployment and termination of Ambassador Bamgbose within the next 72 hours as Nigerian High Commissioner to UK because of this document. Nigerian Ambassador is a disgrace to Nigeria and an enemy of the people. If you look closely on the left top side of this letter it says Home Office, the right top side of this letter carries an address of London South East, 68 Thomas Street, written to the Acting High Commissioner, Mr. Olakunle Bamgbose. The letter titled ‘British Commonwealth National Card’. The person who wrote this letter is a con artist who never existed in Home Office. These are some of the boys Home Office would readily call and say ‘take care of the dirty job.’ The address used to write this fake letter is the Enforcement office. Since the British Immigration are fully aware the blacks will not know their rights or hardly decipher between truth and lies, they set up paramilitary boys with help from the Home Office to ensure blacks are deported by force. The Commonwealth Treaty alliance protected them (Commonwealth citizens) to remain in the country, while still reporting to the British authorities. Looking at the context and grammatical errors in this letter, it is crystal clear the person who authored this letter is unlearned.

“How could a fake, cloned letter authored by a paramilitary British boy have fooled a Nigerian Ambassador who fully represents the Nigerian Government? Since Ambassador Bamgbose is also part this plot, when he sees a white man he becomes very intimated and jittery. This scam artist in his fake letter to the Nigerian High Commissioner reminded him that as discussed in our meeting on 4th November, meaning some people are already discussing with the Nigerian High Commissioner. Don’t forget Nigerians were deported in October 2015. For every Nigerians being deported, this letter tells us that Nigerian Ambassador is actually having a meeting with impostors, personnel who are not official of Home Office but just paramilitary boys given jobs as bounty-hunters. Bounty-hunters only work when the State cannot look for you. The guy emphasized by saying in the cloned letter, as discussed on 4th November will show an interest in matters in the UK.

“The first, two lines by this guy going by the name Paul Wylie is deceiving Ambassador Bamgbose. Nigerian High Commissioner has showed he is an illiterate in all ramifications. These people create a scheme, come to
you. It beats my imagination how Nigerian Ambassador representing the sovereignty and glory of Nigeria would allow himself to be brainwashed by a security boy. Bamgbose is supposed to be like the Nigerian President representing the interest of Nigerians in the diaspora. I will capture this as: ‘the brainwashed brainwashing the brainwashed’. Their aim is to frustrate Nigerians, deceive Nigerians because Nigerian High Commissioner is not knowledgeable enough. Ambassador Bamgbose welcomed these traitor, enemy of the Nigerian people into the Nigerian House. The scheme is to work on the gradual deportation of lawful Nigerians out of UK. Nigerian Ambassador would not have proceeded with this criminal mastermind con artist to suffer Nigerians in UK if he had not lacked education. They are fully aware that the card had been helping people in the community, since when you possess the card, none of the security agencies could arrest or molest you.

“The scam letter says ‘ I have copied the letter to Mr. Victor Udenyen, Mrs. Abdulrazak and Yemisi Jenkins of ABLE. This tells you that this fake Home Office clown would not have penetrated the Nigerian House without the
support of Yemisi Jenkins. Being a Nigerian, Jenkins must have taken this fake Home Office illicit operation into Nigerian Embassy UK, with tales that the guy is s good guy. What do you expect of a gullible Nigerian High
Commissioner? The tip on the iceberg that fully showed him as a scam artist was his signature on the letter as Director, London and South. He also went further to put his mobile number in the cloned letter. In Britain, nobody writes a letter like this and write his mobile number. In the overall, it shows this is one man planning a covert operation, thinking he is smart enough to deceive, disarm the Nigerian people in conjunction with Jenkins of ABLE to destroy Nigerians’ lives. How could Ambassador Bamgbose dealing with this criminally-minded paramilitary
syndicate in Nigerian House?

“If anybody was bold enough to talk to Nigerian Ambassador under any guise, it should be the British Secretary of State that would leave her office, go to Nigerian Ambassador. Since Ambassador Bamgbose remains an illiterate, his gullibility allowed him accept a scam artist in decoy of Home Office in Nigerian House. This has to be exposed to the Nigerian people. Paul Wylie has not acted officially in the name of British Home Office. I can assure you that Home Office has no legal rights to attack our character, as a fully registered political party in Britain. Paul
Wylie does not exist in Home Office. I have been able to block them on BEN Television UK. I told BEN Television UK they cannot be using their platform to allow some illiterates to brainwash Nigerians. I said I would support their platform in bringing educative minds to enlighten the people.”

How they deceived Channels Television Nigeria

Explaining further, Alexia said: “I was shocked to realize these same enemies of Nigerians penetrated Channels Television, with lies. Channels Television did not know the purported Home Office letter they received was fake, cloned and forged by a non-existent con artist not in Home Office, whose name is Paul Wylie, a paramilitary British boy. This decoy game of manipulation, deceit have to stop. For 60 years now, enemies of Nigeria in UK have succeeded in suing our black brothers against us. The story Channels Television carried is a scam, because there is nothing like authority. There was no letter or no proof where Nigerian High Commission issued any message on their letterhead claiming the Commonwealth British National Card is a scam. Home Office did not write that letter. And
Channels Television may loose a huge percentage of his regular followers across Europe, Britain because of these lies hosted on their online news site, which they ought to pull down. Journalism teaches that when you are
in doubt of anything, any issue, leave out.

“Ambassador Bamgbose was brainwashed by same fake, cloned Home Office letter to mislead millions of Nigerians we are protecting. The British opposition government issued out these cards to protect the Commonwealth people. Home Office cannot discredit this card. This was a card whose initiative was applauded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office here in UK. According to British Statutes, every party has a mandate to their own programme. We are a fully registered political party in Britain and would like to say the fake letter from Home Office is not true, there was no time Nigerian High Commission issued letter to back-up the cloned Home Office letter. Wylie is a faceless person that cannot be found anywhere. Wylie’s fake letter is being published on Channels Television online news
purportedly coming from Home Office. Channels Television should pull down this letter to avoid credibility crisis and legal issues because it is a scam letter meant to misinform Nigerians.”

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