#SaveMayowa: What Now Happens To the Millions Generated?


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Mayowa Ahmed was a vivacious young lady with a steady job and a good life till she was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. At this point she appealed to Nigerians and they duly delivered. The #SaveMayowa campaign generated a whopping N80m in a couple of days.

Things turned ugly when there was an allegation that the #SaveMayowa was a scam, an allegation that turned out to be untrue but not before an investigation was launched and the funds frozen.

They were eventually allowed to fly her out of the country to South Africa where there was a hospital willing to treat her.

Unfortunately on the 10th of August, Mayowa lost the battle against cancer and died. Her death saddened Nigerians everywhere who had been rooting for her to survive and win her battle against cancer.

Her death did raise another question; what happens to the over N80m raised for the #SaveMayowa campaign?

The Nation reports that they spoke to a family representative who said, “I am not ready to talk to any journalist on any story. I just lost someone, can’t you guys sympathise with us?”

When asked, the Police Public Relations Officer, Ms. Dolapo Badmus said that the police would have an answer for the media soon. “We are all human beings. When a life is lost, the first thing is to commiserate with the family. Right now, we are condoling with members of Mayowa’s family. I don’t think the issue of money should be the first thing for us to be talking about right now.  So, we want to leave the family for some time to go through their private period of mourning. But at the appropriate time, we will feed the members of the press back on the decisions we have made.  We will still act at the appropriate time.” Badmus said.

Other people had opinions about what should happen to the money, the Nation reports. For instance, the Executive Director, Centre for Children’s Health Education, Orientation and Protection (CEE-HOPE), Mrs. Betty Abah believes that Mayowa’s family, should make a public statement on what they intend to do with the fund after a period of time enough for them to mourn.

“As the saying goes, the deed has been done and we cannot question God. It is time to take the next step and that should be fully characterised by transparency in the light of the recent controversy. My thoughts would be that they can donate to a charity organisation having to do with cancer.

“I really can’t recall hearing much from the family following Mayowa’s death. I think they need to make a statement thanking the supporters, as well as stating the way forward, and that should include the use of the fund.” She said.

Another opinion came from Dr Femi Olaleye, the founder and medical director of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation. The head of the NGO believes the funds should be used to fund cancer research to help other women that could turn out like Mayowa.

“There are lots of women to help in cryotherapy, breast cancer surgery and other women related cancer ailments. My foundation offers free breast and cervical screening for women every Friday.” Olaleye said.

“So there is a lot of opportunities for them to do great with that money and give back. I will manage it for them.  If not even all of it, they can use some of it and give back to other women who can come here and access treatment. More impact can be made that way.”

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