Uh-Oh: New App Tracks Tweets From Employees Who Hate Their Boss

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Dislike your boss? Better be careful how you express these feelings on Twitter, because your tweets could end up getting you fired.

The newly unveiled German app called FireMe! tracks anyone who writes inappropriate things about their boss or job on Twitter, then displays their tweets with the person’s Twitter handle, profile picture and the timing of the post.

The displayed tweets run the gamut of people who call their bosses bad names, others who tweet about wanting to kill, maim or shoot their supervisors, and those who simply chant, “I hate my job i hate my job i hate my job.”

“If I don’t kill someone at work ill be shocked. Horrible mood,” one person’s tweet said.

Tweets are separated into four categories on the app: “Haters,” “Horrible Bosses,” “Sexual Intercourse” and “Potential Killers.” The app also features a “Leaderboard” that shows the “FireMe!” picks for the most incriminating tweets. The leader board hit 999 entries earlier today.

The app claims its purpose is to serve as a reminder to all the seemingly oblivious tweeters out there that tweets are not private – everyone can see them – so if you are posting about how much you hate your boss, you might as well go into his office and scream, “Fire Me!”

The app also has a “FireMeter” that will scan tweets from your Twitter handle to see how likely you are to get fired based upon what you have tweeted.

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