10 funny reactions to Israel DMW, wife’s public spat

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If there is a talent Nigerians have in abundance, it is the ability to draw humour from the most serious of matters and Israel DMW’s public spat with his estranged wife, Sheila, is no different.

The estranged couple took to social media on Friday and Saturday to vent their frustration with each other.

Israel DMW, who is Davido’s Logistics Manager, had set the ball rolling on Instagram by narrating how he changed his wife’s life and accused her of being ungrateful.

He said that despite providing financial support, upgrading her phone, and indulging in shopping sprees for her, Sheila changed after their marriage and tried to impose standards on him.

Sheila also hit back, alleging that Israel DMW hired hoodlums with whom he invaded her mother’s shop to harass her.

“If anything happens to me or any member of my family, #IsraelDMW should be held responsible.

“Going to my mum’s shop to beat her up? You wan kill pikin, kill mama join?” she said.

Amid the back and forth between the ex-lovebirds, many netizens took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to react.

The Herald brings 10 of the funniest reactions to the Israel DMW-Sheila affair…

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