Instagram Rewards 10 Year Old With $10,000, Read Why


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A 10-year-old Finnish boy simply identified as Jani has pulled off something truly remarkable when he realized there was a flaw in Instagram’s security.

He contacted them via email and got a response a couple of days later and got a reward for his trouble–$10,000.

Jani realized he could delete people’s comments if he inputted some harmful code into their comment field.

“I tried if Instagram’s comment field could handle harmful code. It didn’t. I found out I can delete other people’s comments from there,” Jani told Iltalehti Newspaper.

“I could’ve deleted anyone’s, like Justin Bieber’s comments from there.”

Incredibly Jani has been coding for a while. He’s been learning along with his twin brother and watching YouTube videos. He says he’s been interested in coding games for years.

His father was awestruck at his son’s abilities “I was very surprised that Jani has gotten so far already. I have no idea about that social media stuff,” the father said.

Jani plans to use his prize money to buy a new bike and a football… he is ten years old after all.

He also mentioned that he’d love a job in information security.

“It’s my dream job. Information security is very important.” he concluded.

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