100 Days: Buhari should be judged by a Different Yardstick – Agbakoba


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The Former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Olisa Agbakoba has said that Nigerians should judge President Muhammadu Buhari by a different yardstick not his performance in the last 100 days.

Agbakoba who is also a Human Rights activist made this statement during a press conference at his Ikoyi residence.

He insisted that 100 days is a short period of time to assess the President’s performance.

He said “The 100 days concept is not an accurate yardstick for gauging the presidential effectiveness because the situation and the Nigerian environment have no comparison to the American experience.

“Notwithstanding, I understand the importance of examining the president’s achievements in his first 100 days in office because expectations were high. The people voted the president in for ‘change.

“It must be said that the change is not going to be seen in the context of new projects or new buildings or the commissioning of new roads or power plants but the change will be in the minds of the populace.”

He added the Buhari’s election has changed the mind set of Nigerians.

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