12 die, scores injured as passenger tries to hijack steering inside bus

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Now fewer than 12 individuals lost their lives in a car accident on Monday in Indonesia after a passenger got into a heated argument with the driver of the bus he had boarded.

According to a report by the Police, the argument between the passenger and the driver eventually led to a physical battle where the passenger allegedly struggled to hijack the steering of the bus.

Many other road users also sustained various injuries as two other vehicles were affected by the crash. Thankfully, they were swiftly taken to the hospital for immediate treatment.

12 die, scores injured as passenger tries to hijack steering inside bus

In an interview with AFP, the Majalengka police head stated, “In the middle of the journey, a passenger attempted to forcibly take control of the steering wheel… and the bus then lost control.

Meanwhile, the young man who caused the accident sustained some serious injuries but it has not been confirmed whether the driver survived or not.

Road accidents occur regularly around Southeast Asian Archipelago as vehicles around the region are usually not road worthy.

Last September, about 21 individuals lost their lives after the bus they boarded plunged into a ravine.

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