2 Billion People in the World Suffer from Myopia – Eye Institute


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Professor Kovin Naidoo, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Brien Holden Vision Institute has said that over two billion people in the world suffer from Myopia and if this trend is not addressed, about 1 billion people will be at risk of blindness by 2050.

Naidoo said “Today is World Sight Day and Brien Holden Vision Institute is calling on the world – from governments and health agencies, to civil society, parents and schools – to protect the eye health of every child and adult and meet this major public health challenge of our time.

“Firstly, the public must be made aware that this threat exists. Secondly, we need researchers and public health practitioners to develop effective solutions. Thirdly, eye care professionals need to be better equipped to manage patients at risk.

“The major concern is with the vast number of people who are likely to progress to high levels of myopia, which brings with it a significantly increased risk of potentially blinding conditions and vision impairment,” said Professor Naidoo.

“Myopia is not curable or reversible, but there are promising interventions using optical and behavioural approaches that can help slow the progression and prevent people becoming highly myopic.”

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