2019 Election: South African Based Prophet Reveals Next President of Nigeria


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Samuel Akinbodunse, a South African based Nigerian Prophet, dropped a shocking prophecy about Nigeria and the upcoming 2019 election.


Meanwhile, in a live service at his South Africa Church, the Freedom for all Nation Outreach General Overseer, the man of God made it known that come 2019, Nigeria will have a youth as President and the name of the person starts with the letter ‘S’.


So far, candidates that have indicated interest in becoming president come 2019 with S as their names are 47-year old Sowore Omoyele and 55-year-old Saraki Bukola. Others on social media insinuate it may also be ‘Sai Buhari’.



The pastor who claimed that the president would be a youth noted that the president’s name would start from “S”

According to him, God has left fathers behind and he has located a youth who would bring peace to Nigeria as a leader.


Akinbodunse, who is the general overseer of the Freedom for all Nation Outreach also claimed that God has asked former President Olusegun Obasanjo to help the “youth” become the next president.

However, it would seem that despite the seeming surety of his claim, Muhammadu Buhari did not only seek a second term, he also went on to be eventually be re-elected.

In an Update,

It would be recalled that he said a young person whose name starts with S would win the 2019 Election instead. After the victory of Buhari, the prophet who had made a strong prophecy on Buhari’s death took to defending himself and excusing the clear fact that his claim had failed to come to pass.


In a conversation with a media house, he stood his ground that the prophecy had been true. However, the man said that the prayers of some men of God had helped sustain the current president of Nigeria.


In the video, the pastor was further heard thanking President Buhari for his service and also prayed for his health.


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Nigerians are angry with South Africa based Prophet, Samuel Akinbodunse over his unfulfilled prophecy that President Buhari will die before the election if he campaigns for a second term.

Recall that the only way you know a true prophet is the confirmation of his prophecies, but Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse has been adjudged a liar and criminal clergy seeking for undue attention, after the president he predicted about is currently leading in the presidential election conducted.


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