2023 presidency: Southeast should be considered but… – Maj. –Gen Henry Ayoola (rtd)


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A retired general, Major-General Henry Ayoola, says the Southeast should be considered for the 2023 presidency but should also actively work for it.

Ayoola, who was Commander (Special Task Force) Operation Safe Heaven in Jos, Plateau State, stated this in an interview with Sunday Sun.

According to him, power is not served on a platter, and any region that feels they deserve it must put in the work.

“Sincerely, if you ask me, I will tell you that I agree with the fact that yes the Southeast in fairness to them should be considered, but we know that, that is not the way politics is played, leadership, politics, positioning they are not served ala carte, they don’t give it for free, you don’t just blackmail people into submitting leadership to you.

“There is work to be done, you got to negotiate, you got to rally people, you got to make your points convincingly, you got to lobby etc. There is so much work to be done.

“You don’t sit back and say oh it’s our turn, we must be given. I have a lot of Southeastern friends, and as far as fairness is concerned I agree with them, these are issues I discuss at different times with them, it makes very logical and equitable sense, but in reality it is a different ball game, you have to work it out. Unless you are expecting the people to vote for you out of empathy and sympathy and that doesn’t happen,” Ayoola said.

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