40% of Men Who Cheat Seek Curvier Mistresses For Affair – Survey


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According to the New York Post, a recent survey on cheating among spouses has confirmed that about 40% of men who cheat do so with women who are curvier than their wives.

According to the survey carried out by an extramarital dating website Victoria Milan, men who cheat are very often attracted to women with curvier physique when choosing a partner to have an affair with.

The survey further revealed that cheating men prefer women who take care of themselves and are conscious about their appearance; hence they go for the curvy, long-haired women as the perfect set of women to have extra-marital affairs with.

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5,000 men took part in the research with over 40 percent saying they preferred really curvy women while about 35.2 percent of the sample group preferred slim women.

Another 30 percent prefer mistresses who keep fit and maintains a trim figure while another 30 percent want their cheating partners to look elegant and dress stylishly.

The survey also discovered that Long hair and tall petite women with beautiful eyes was really important to cheating husbands.

In total the survey concluded that 70 percent of the sample population of cheating men prefer physical appearance over personality when it comes to selecting women to have a romp with outside their marital homes even though they all admit they need to have some form of intelligent conversation with whomever they plan to have sex with asides from their wives.

Consequently, asides from the preferred curvier shape, pretty eyes and long hair, 67.6 percent of the sample population admits that a funny woman turns them on.

50 percent also affirmed that an adventurous spirit in a cheating partner was as important as the physical attributes sprinkled with a little bit of kindness.

45 percent of the sample survey were young men in search of reliability and romance while only a third of them considered intelligence and impulsiveness as a criterion for women they would cheat on their wives with; only five percent wanted matured and generous women to romp with.

Speaking on the survey, the CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, reiterated that;

 “Male stereotypes of women have evolved — it doesn’t matter anymore if they are curvy, slim or average size. We all like healthy and fit people when dating, especially if the aim of the date is to find an extramarital affair.

These results show exactly how men’s physical preferences are now different and all types of women are represented in the survey.”



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