45 Chadian Soldiers Killed in Latest Attack by Boko Haram


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At least 45 Chadian Soldiers Allegedly lost their lives after a Boko Haram attack on their forces in the lake Chad basin.

According to reports from military sources as well as international journalists in the region, the attack is one of the deadliest ever against the Chadian military.

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The slain Soldiers were said to be members of the multinational joint task force (MNJTF) stationed at the village of Boguma within the lake Chad basin.

Confirming the attack, a journalist Ahmad Salkida tweeted:

“Abubakar Shekau’s faction of #BokoHaram or JAS has carried out one of the deadliest attacks ever on #ChadianForces in the village of Boguma, in the #LakeChadbasin, killing at least 45 MNJTF soldiers. The video of the aftermath of the attack is too gruesome to show here.”

Boko haram fighters also ambushed a convoy of Nigeria soldiers in Alargano, Borno State on Monday killing more than 70 and abducting scores of others.

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