700-year-old carving with uncanny resemblance to Trump goes viral (PHOTOS)

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An ancient 700-year-old stone carving that has an uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump has gone viral after it was spotted inside a Nottinghamshire cathedral.

The grotesque at Southwell Minster is said to have been instantly recognised as the recently elected American president by visitors because of its comb-over hairstyle.

There are hundreds of strange and comically sculpted faces in the entrance to the old cathedral.

This Trump carving was snapped way before he became president but has recently caused quite a stir on social media.

The Nottingham Post reports that Reverend Canon Nigel Coates, who is based at the cathedral said that the head sculpture was a familiar one but was unaware of the resemblance till recently.

“He’s among the ‘lower level’ of heads, not among the kings and queens and merchants.

“So Donald Trump might be flattered that he features in 14th century Mansfield stone – but not that he’s not among the kings and queens.”

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