“Abolish State Of Origin For National Peace” – Gideon Okeke


Nigerian Actor, Gideon Okeke has urged the federal government to abolish state of Origin in the country to promote unity and peace among Nigerians.

Gideon Okeke took to his Instagram page to share a few words of wisdom while addressing the issue.

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Gideon Okeke
He wrote: “One Nigeria ! One Nigeria !!

But We’re not quite willing to let go of the coattails of TRIBALISM.

Even AD commercials/Radio Jingles are culpable of passing subliminal messages that are nuanced in ways that make one wonder if there are :

– 3 Nigerias or
– 187 Others or
– Just 1 Nigeria.

If You still regard your neighbor with these derrogatives :

– Omo-Ibo ,
– Ofemmanu,
– Nyammiri…

You might be RACIST. Or sold to BIGOTRY.

There’s a thing or two to learn from a small country called RWANDA.

Imagine a policeman stopping you for routine checks and he pops the question :
” What State are you from”…

Oga !! What purpose does that question really serve?



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