AGF urges govts. to serve as catalysts for cooperative societies


Mr Ahmed Idris, the Accountant-General of the Federation (AGF), has urged government at all levels to serve as catalysts for cooperative societies in organisations to succeed.

He said this while speaking to newsmen on the sideline of the OAGF Credit, Thrift and Investment Cooperative Society Limited (OCTIS) gala night on Thursday in Abuja.

Idris said that for cooperatives to help bridge the housing deficit which was an objective of the Federal Government, the appropriate ministry in charge should give cooperatives land without difficulty.

“Once the land is made available, the first capital in that direction is given, the cooperatives will come together, harness the resources and then push for the development of such land.

“It should not be about just giving the land but there should be enough infrastructure like basic access roads.

“All these put together will amount to enough support and encouragement for cooperatives to do more on their parts to generate resources on Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangements and any other without the intervention of government.’’

He also said that top management of organisations where cooperatives are established have to demonstrate support for the cooperatives.

Idris said that good leadership and good governance structure would make for best cooperative societies, adding that those etiquettes and attributes would produce unprecedented results.

“All of us in the management cadre do not interfere, we tell them to come up with new models for progressive achievement, something that will be for the best interest of the members.

“Those who will promote the ideals of the cooperative and that they have been able to achieve.’’

Mr Emeka Nwonvo, the President, OCTIS, said there was the need for the cooperative to diversify to bring in more funds for members.

He added that the cooperative society was set to begin its drinking water processing plant to empower members financially. (NAN)

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