Flight Diverted After Muslim Passenger Attack Attendant Mid-flight (Video)


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A connecting Air France flight from Paris to Tunis had to be diverted mid-flight after a Muslim passenger assaulted a flight attendant Mid-flight.

According to cockpit videos as well as videos recorded by passengers on the flight, the Muslim passenger wanted to say his prayer mid-flight at the entrance to the cockpit.

While he was doing his thing, several attendants tried to urge him to go back to his seat with no physical contact.

After a short while the man gets up and throws a jab at the flight attendant closest to him.

See the Video below:

After seeing the assault of his crew member through the cockpit camera the pilot decided to make an emergency landing at Nice where security was invited to remove the man for the safety of everyone else on board.

On landing at Nice, the Muslim refused to leave the plane and had to be forcefully removed.

In the video he was seen screaming Allah Akbar and struggling with security before he was eventually evicted from the plane.

See Video Here:

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