Akpabio tried to make me swear an oath before Buhari’s appointee, one other – Nunieh


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Former Acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Joy Nunieh has revealed a can of worms at the NDDC as well as the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs where Godswill Akpabio is Minister.

Ms Nunieh who spoke to pressmen regarding the ongoing corruption investigation rocking the agency, accused Akpabio of orchestrating the ongoing fraud at the agency.

She also narrated how he tried to make her carry out acts of corruption and abuse of office by making her swear an oath rather than sign necessary documents.

Speaking on live television, Nunieh said, “Akpabio never signs any documents, he will never sign the document but he will tell you to go ahead and commit fraud.”

She went further to give examples saying Akpabio ordered her to raise an emergency contract for victims of flood.

She thereafter said Akpabio wanted her to take an oath which she refused to. She said he hounded her three times to come and take an oath after she refused to raise his contract memo.

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She said Akpabio vowed to remove her, saying the only solution would be for her to take an oath. She thereafter revealed that a reconciliation meeting was held at the home of Mr. Sarki Abba, Special Assistant to President Buhari on Domestic Affairs, at the Presidential Villa where Akpabio further insisted that she takes an oath.

Joy Nunieh said she vowed not to take any oath with anybody at the meeting which had Alhaji Maikano, a member of President Buhari’s cabinet in attendance.

“They said the only condition was to take the oath, I did not take the oath, and I will never take the oath from him,” she said.

“So he said he was going to remove me, he (Akpabio) started a campaign of calumny against me.”

The ex-NDDC boss said she did not say anything because she knew the facts would speak for themselves.

She said she refused to follow Akpabio to deceive President Muhammadu Buhari on the procurement process of the NDDC.

Ms Nunieh said, “To end this matter about the procurement process. I refused to go with him to deceive Mr. President at the FEC Meeting, because the Procurement Act says if I contradict any section of the Procurement Act, it’s five years imprisonment without option of fine.”

She thereafter presented some documents to the pressmen and said Akpabio got the approval for the procurement from FEC and it was put in the 2020 budget that had not yet been discussed.

“Akpabio went to get the Approval from FEC. The 2020 budget has not even been discussed by the National Assembly till date, 2020 budget has not been passed. However, he lied to FEC, which is the greatest embarrassment in this country. For a budget that has not been passed, for approval to be given to that procurement.

“I refused to go because he wanted me to to send money for the procurement to the Ministry to implement the forensic audit. I refused. ”

She challenged the Minister to deny any of the allegations she made against him.

“I am challenging him to deny any of the accusations because I had to round up for you people (referring to the press). All the tax and all the things I have said are written in a document.”

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