Alex Ekubo: Ex-fiancee Fancy Acholonu’s apology causes social media stir


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Alex Ekubo’s ex-fiancée, Fancy Acholonu has stirred a debate on social media after she took to Instagram on Thursday to apologise to the actor for calling off their wedding plans in August 2021.

The duo got engaged in May 2021, three months before her announcement that took social media by storm at the time.

In her latest post which has now gone viral, the US-based model said that living without Ekubo felt like grief.

She admitted to overreacting to the situation which drove them apart, saying she was sorry for causing him and members of his family pain with her brash decision.

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Sharing a photo of their happier times, Acholonu wrote, “Like our shirt says, Nothing makes sense when we’re apart @alexxekubo you still have my heart. I miss you, I love you, and I’m truly sorry for all the hurt & pain you and your family went through with our break up.

“My actions in how I handled things was out of my character. I should have controlled my emotions and not been so over reactive. I said too much, I did too much. Please forgive me, I’ve learned my lesson on how to handle situations better.

“I haven’t expressed myself properly. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and say you, your family, & friends still mean the world to me. Losing you has felt like grief. Love heals #FalexxForever.”

However, her apology has divided social media. While many commentators hailed her for summoning the courage to admit her mistake, others described the apology as belated.

Harrison Stephen wrote, “Wow! This is maturity on the highest level.

“Admitting to be wrong in private is one thing, but making it public because it was a public breakup takes lots of nerves, strength, humility and vulnerability.

“Honestly, I am not suprised to see a Nigerian girl doing this but I am hoping the Nigerian man in the male, won’t force her to live to regret this.

Nothing (pleases) me more than seeing accountability. I hope it all works out however it’s supposed to.

“indeed love heals. I wish you both all the best.”

A digital content creator, Oge Nsimah said, “If there is nothing to learn from this incident between Alex and Fancy, you should at least be able to clearly understand the reason why we say people should break up privately and move on privately.

“Don’t call your ex out online. Don’t defame them. Don’t be mean to them. It’s just a relationship breakup; nobody died.

“Don’t burn bridge because you might need to use the bridge again one day.

“And the biggest part of the lesson is before you roll the dice, think twice and be sure it’s what you actually want, because sometimes in life, there is no such thing as SECOND CHANCE.

“Anyways, life is a lesson. Let her pick the lesson and move on.”

Japheth Joseph wrote, “Alex, for this lady to apologize publicly means she’s so sincere. Please be sincere to her by not marrying her! Apology accepted but access denied.”

Viçtor Edêm II wrote, “Forgive her but don’t marry her. The last action could still repeat itself in the future. Be wise.”

Chukwuemeka Agbai wrote, “To forgive is normal but expecting to come back and marry you is not normal. This girl has read a book tittled “How to finish Alexx Ekubo kpatakpata” and she’s back to carry out the mission.”


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