Alex Unusual Reflects on Her Big Brother Naija Journey, Emphasizes Authenticity

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Former Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Alexandra Asogwa, popularly known as Alex Unusual, has candidly shared how she maintained her authenticity and integrity during her time in the Big Brother house, despite the competitive and often intense nature of the game.

Alex Unusual

In a recent post-eviction interview, the actress and filmmaker reiterated her firm stance of remaining true to herself, emphasizing that she would always be different and offer something unique. She emphasized her non-conformist approach, stating that Alex would always stand out as a star among the all-stars.

I would always be truthful about myself, I would always be different… Alex would always be Alex. I will always have something different to offer, I would always be myself,” she stated.

Alex Unusual

Reflecting on her experience in the house, she highlighted her reluctance to engage in manipulative or underhanded tactics, affirming her commitment to integrity both in the game and in life. She emphasized her refusal to compromise her principles, especially when faced with the opportunity to play the game in a less-than-honest manner.

Alex also acknowledged the newfound realization of the influence her personality carries, acknowledging the power of her presence. She emphasized her pride in understanding and owning her unique identity, asserting that she would never doubt herself again. The Big Brother Naija journey has allowed her to recognize the strength and authenticity of her personality.

Alex Unusual

Addressing her self-proclaimed title as the “star of the all-stars” and the “main event,” Alex clarified that this declaration isn’t about pride but rather a deep understanding of her identity. She acknowledged how her involvement in the show allowed her to showcase multiple facets of her character beyond being a dancer, demonstrating her versatility and gaining recognition for her individuality.

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