Amazon Sued After Taking Away Job Offer Over Positive Marijuana Test

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A former Amazon employee has filed a lawsuit against the company after rescinding his job offer over a positive marijuana test.

According to TMZ, the suit was filed by a man named Michael Thomas, with Thomas contending that a failed drug test from last year caused Amazon to reject him from getting a job as a sorter at a warehouse in Staten Island.

In the complaint, which was filed in Brooklyn federal court, Thomas says he got an offer for the aforementioned position, though it was contingent upon him passing a drug test. He says that the test came back positive for cannabis, and Amazon subsequently pulled the offer.

The suit claims that Amazon violated New York City Human Rights Law, which prohibits employers from drug-testing potential hires for marijuana except in certain cases, including if employees are going to operate heavy machinery.

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There’s lot of other exceptions, including one for jobs in which a person would operate machinery or heavy equipment. Thomas says there was nothing in the job description about having to do those things, which is why he contends Amazon couldn’t require the test.

“A significant portion of the general public now uses some form of recreational marijuana,” wrote lawyers for Thomas in the lawsuit.

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