Amy Winehouse’s Ex-boyfriend in Rape Scandal


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The former fiance of late singer Amy Winehouse raped a friend as she slept and then told her: ‘I always wanted to do this to you’, a court heard yesterday.

Film director Reg Traviss, 35, attacked the fashion designer, a friend of five years, twice in his flat after a drunken night out, it was alleged.

After the attack he told her he was going to keep her underwear, it was claimed.

Traviss had been in a relationship with Miss Winehouse from early 2010 and they were planning to marry when she died of alcohol poisoning in July 2011 aged 27.

The alleged attack took place six months later on December 30, after Traviss and the designer drank cocktails in three central London bars.

At the end of the night the woman was allegedly too drunk to stand. Traviss persuaded her to go back to his flat in Marylebone, it was said. The victim claims this was the last thing she remembered before waking up to him raping her. Traviss then stopped when she asked him to and offered her a drink.

After drinking a glass of wine the woman passed out again. She then woke up to find him raping her for a second time, Southwark Crown Court was told.

She said she remembered drifting in and out of consciousness and hearing Traviss say: ‘Oh, I always wanted to do this to you.’ She later told police: ‘It felt just like a bad dream.’

Katherine Lumsdon, prosecuting, told the jury: ‘She said she would not have consented to sex even if she had been conscious.’

Miss Lumsdon told the jury that the pair drank cocktails, several rum and coke drinks and shots during their night out.

The prosecutor added: ‘She asked Reg to put her in a cab so that she could go home. He suggested she stay at his as it was closer. She was also aware that a black cab was unlikely to take her as she couldn’t stand.

‘She remembers him asking, “Would you like to stay at mine?” She does not remember her reply, but assumes she said yes.

‘That’s the last thing she remembers before waking up in his bed.’

She realised what was happening, asked what he was doing and told him to stop.

‘He stopped. She was very shocked,’ said Miss Lumsdon. ‘She could not process what had happened and could hardly believe it. He was acting as if nothing had happened at all.’

The woman was ‘extremely weak’ and was unable to get out of bed until the afternoon. As she got dressed she realised she could not find her underwear and asked Traviss if he had seen it. Traviss allegedly replied: ‘I actually want to keep them.’
The jury of six men and six women heard that the complainant went out with friends the following night, New Year’s Eve, went to New York in the New Year and waited almost three weeks before reporting Traviss to police.

The trial continues.

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