Andy Murray Breaks Down as He Announces Retirement

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A one time world’s best male tennis player, Andy Murray, has announced that he’ll most likely leave the professional scene after the 2019 edition of the Wimbledon Championship in July.

While addressing newsmen in Australia earlier today, an apparently devasted Andy said, “I spoke to my team and I told them I can’t keep doing this and that I need to have an endpoint, because I was just playing with no idea when the pain was going to stop.

“I said, look, I think I can kind of get through this until Wimbledon. That is where I would like to stop. I’m also not certain I’m able to do that.”

Andy Murray Breaks Down as He Announces Retirement

Andy clarified that he has a “severely damaged right hip” so he has been in pains for many years. He also explained that although, he has had a surgery in the area and hoped the situation would improve. Yet, he has not seen any sign of improvement.

The Scottish athlete explained, “I can still play to a level, not a level that I’m happy playing at,” he said. “But it’s not just that. The pain is too much, really. It’s not something I want. I don’t want to continue playing that way. I’ve tried pretty much everything that I could to get it right, and that hasn’t worked.”

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Although Andy stated that he’ll participate in the Australian Open in a week’s time, he said that he was not sure he would still be able to play in the next five months.

He later reiterated, “I have an option to have another operation, which is a little more severe than I had before, having my hip resurfaced, which will allow me to have a better quality of life and be out of pain. That’s something I’m seriously considering.”

See the video of the emotional press conference below.



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