‘Anocracy’: Catalyst for Africa’s Potential Unrest! – By Taiwo Lawrence Adeyemi


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According to Charles Staple Lewis, “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point——– Look for yourself, and you will find in the long run only hatred, loneliness, despair, rage, ruin and decay.”

“He who makes peaceful change impossible, makes violent change inevitable.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The protests in Hong Kong against the government proposed extradition bill to mainland China by Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam [who assumed office on July 1, 2017 as Hong Kong 4th Chief Executive] enters its 12th straight weekend of protests against the bill and there is no end in sight as when the protests will ceased, despite China pointing accusing fingers at Taiwan and United Kingdom of the mastermind sponsors of the unending protests.

In France, ‘Yellow Vests’ protesters pro-reform demonstrators against French President, Emmanuel Macron economic and unfavorable policies went into 29th consecutive weeks of logjam, holding the entire country to standstill.

The 2019 Algerian protests, also called Revolution of Smiles or Hirak, began on 16 February 2019, ten days after Abdelaziz Bouteflika announced his candidacy for a fifth presidential term in a signed statement. And demonstrations enter its 25th week of protests demanding for good governance and transparency!

In Tunisia, the birth of ‘Arab Spring’ Revolution, protests against government entered weeks of demonstration, in all these casualties were either minimal in the face of confrontation with security agents deployed to maintained peace, law and order in the middle of the quagmires!

‘Bullets in the streets’ of; Cotonou -Benin, Bulawayo/Harare – Zimbabwe, Lilongwe – Malawi, Khartoum – Sudan, Lomé – Togo, Bamako – Mali, Monrovia – Liberia, Cairo – Egypt, Kampala – Uganda, and Nairobi – Kenya against hapless demonstrators voicing their anger for the institutionalization of; good governance, accountability, transparency, integrity, responsibility, and selfless service by their African leaders, and the effective use of the ballot box[es]!

The options by Africa’s ‘anocratic’ leaders is to unleashed on the people their agents of repression [state security agents] to silence them in the face of; poverty, hunger, unemployment, climate change, diseases, war and conflicts that continued to a mantra the leaders has failed to addressed despite the unlimited resources and financial inflow.

Anocracy system of government is a potential catalyst for political unrest, insecurity, more murder in the middle, corruption and a conduit for illicit financial flow. Africa has lost over $300 billion to illicit financial flow perpetrated by African government officials.

Live bullets are fired, brutality is employed, barbarism is explored and savagery practiced to dispersed peaceful and unarmed demonstrators the options available to Africa’s ‘anocratic’ leaders against freedom of expression against their repressive, unpopular dictatorial and failed government policies that has continued to keep the citizens in perpetual poverty.

Many graves have been filled, lives have been lost, brilliant minds lives have been cut short in their prime, and perpetration of the most abominable atrocities against African citizens by its rulers and leaders in the name of protecting countries interests!

It was, according to General Sun Tzu, that “At the core of this ancient strategy is the understanding that conflict is an in-escapable part of human life.”

The continued intolerance for critics, opinions, views and voices by Africa’s ‘anocratic’ leaders has seen the continent rulers, leaders, and governance, government tied to the apron of ‘for the elite’ and ‘for the highest bidder’ narratives rhetoric’s!

The gagging of the press and the emasculation of freedom of expression is the weapon Africa’s ‘anocratic’ leaders invoked anytime they perceived there is a growing tension and discontentment in the country against their ‘anocratic’ traits.

Why ‘the bullets for a peaceful rally’ by Africa’s ‘anocratic’ rulers? Is it the fear of the unknown?

For how long will these Africa’s ‘anocratic’ leaders hang on to power, despite resentment, anger, frustration, poverty, wars, famines, lack of basic education, unemployment, conflicts and hardships? The ascension to power through fraudulent means and ballot boxes manipulation by politicians in Africa has continued to put them at cliff edge, having manipulated the electoral process.

“A victorious military is like weighing a hundred weight against a grain. A defeated military is like weighing a grain against a hundred weight. One who weighs victory set the people to battle like releasing a massed water into a gorge one thousand jen deep.” – General Sun Tzu

Whether the people or oracle rejected them through the ballot box or not, Africa’s rulers continued to hang on to power irrespective and sub-judicate its citizens to ‘anocratic’ system of governance in the name of practicing half-baked democracy.

Bullets for voicing out! Africa’s ‘anocratic’ leaders’ options!

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