APC Accuse Fayemi, Oni, Adebayo of Fueling Party Crisis in Ekiti


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Some members of the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti State has accused three former governors, Niyi Adebayo, Segun Oni and the immediate past governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi of fueling party crisis in the state by failing to co-operate.

The members who met at Ikere, the home of Bamidele Olumilua, former governor of the old Ondo State, lamented that the lack of internal democracy amongst members of the party is the cause of the party’s recent misfortunes in the state.

In a communiqué issued after the meeting convened by Olumilua, the members said “Consequent upon this leadership problem, the party became directionless and groups and caucuses started to emerge, each group with the sole aim of finding ways of bringing life into the party again,” members said, adding that the lack of cohesion greatly affected the fortune of the party because the party had been badly factionalised.

It was also noted that the party executive at the state levels could not provide necessary leadership because it was suffering from legitimacy problems arising from the imposition by the leaders who had already abandoned the party.

“Arising from this state of confusion, the party now became a serial loser of elections in Ekiti State in governorship elections, presidential elections, Senatorial elections, House of Representatives elections and House of Assembly elections were serially lost without winning any of the electoral constituencies.

“Ordinarily, this should not have been, since Ekiti is known for its progressive leaning ever since the earlier days of partisan politics.

“But having convinced ourselves that there are problems and divisions within the party in Ekiti State, we have resolved to shun any form of recriminations, as this is not time to apportion blames, and to forge a unity. Hence, we should embrace sacrifices of all sorts and all useful opinions must be considered in our efforts to regain our lost glory in Ekiti State.

“This was why some patriotic stakeholders in the party have approached the former Governor of old Ondo State, and a chieftain of the party, (Bamidele) Olumilua to rise to the challenge and come out of his retirement to provide a required leadership.

“We are therefore happy that the former governor heeded our call and started consultation with the leadership of the various groups/caucuses within the party with a view to bringing them together, so that the party could come back to life.

“Olumilua reached out to the three former governor’s but he could not succeed in bringing them to a meeting. He also consulted with the APC Elders’ Forum in the State who welcomed the idea and game him their blessings to continue with his effort at uniting the party.”

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