“APC’s not a political party, it’s a conspiracy to get power” – ABC Nwosu


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Former Minister of Health, Prof ABC Nwosu, has said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) is not a political party but a “conspiracy” formed to wrest power in 2015.

He said that this manifested in that the party never had a blueprint for education, health nor any other sector.

Nwosu, who is a founding member of PDP, spoke while reacting to an assertion that the party has not provided viable opposition to the ruling APC as the latter did to it before the 2015 general election.

“I have a completely different perspective. The APC is not a political party and it never provided any opposition. APC is a conspiracy to get power and they designed a road map to get power. That is not opposition. It hasn’t any blue print on restructuring, it hasn’t blueprint on education in Nigeria, job creation. If they had, they failed in all of them. Unfortunately, PDP is not doing so. That is why I said I was reviewing my entire entry into politics,” he told Saturday Sun.

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Reacting to the recent gale of defections from the PDP to APC, Nwosu said, “I’m seriously reconsidering my continued stay in politics. If I leave PDP, is APC better? I’m considering whether I should continue with politics at this stage. I have barely two years to be 80. I can’t stand with the shock of agreeing something today and changing it.”

The septuagenarian added that he was not worried about Nigeria becoming a one-party state as a result of the defections.

“That is not my problem – whether Nigeria turns into one-party state or a half-party state.

“I have two problems. The first is whether Nigeria will continue to exist as it is; whether it will now move on to the route designed for it.

“When you see Prof Lumumba saying, when Nigeria wakes up, Africa will fulfil its mission…these are my concerns.

“Whether it is a half-party state or one-party state, human beings will stick to have their needs and some will fight to have more than others,” Nwosu said.


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