Apple apps relieve work stress


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Ever placed your phone in your pocket only to start looking for it a half-second later? According to a study performed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, its not because you’re crazy, but simply because you’re stressed out.

Stress is a risk factor in a lot of medical and psychological conditions, predisposing individuals to lifelong disabilities like cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and heart attacks. “We’ve known for a long time that stress impairs cognitive function,” says Craig Berridge, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and neuroscience at UW-madison, “It has been estimated that as much as 50% of workplace accidents occur because of stress-related distractions.”
However, the key is to beat stress with conscious efforts, instead of letting stress invade your subconscious, find a “distraction” to make yourself immune.

Berridge adviced that being organised can also help your stress levels, adding that efficient use of technology such as Apps, can help “de-stress” our lifes. He then specifically mentioned the Apple iOs apps, namely, the Yard Sale, and Mystuff2 apps. But assertions by android loyalists, allege that the professional advice of Dr. Berridge is in line with a marketing strategy to promote apps on the platform of the Apple iOs which is based on direct recommendations by professional.

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