UNPROFESSIONALISM: Arik faces Wrath of Angry Passengers Again


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Nigerian Airline Arik Air suffered the wrath of some very, very unhappy passengers yesterday night.

The passengers who had been slated to travel at 11am found themselves stranded as endless delays had them waiting for ages to board their flights.

Some angry passengers revolted and registered  their displeasure at the blatant “unprofessionalism” shown by the airline.

Numerous customers have complained time after time about the lackadaisical attitude of Arik Air staff to their customers.

One recent Arik traveler speaking to The Herald by telephone said, “They are a very incompetent bunch in that Arik Air. I cannot believe that they have a serious managerial team. Most of their employees seem disgruntled, incompetent and unhappy. They usually transfer their aggression to the customers and its a lose-lose situation for everyone.

The customer added, “The reason I continue to use the airline is because of lack of alternatives on some routes. For instance they are the only ones that fly to Warri. Can you imagine they wrongfully kicked me off my flight and failed to apologize. Now I am having medical complications and my feet are swollen after being forced to wait for hours whilst their very rude staff, one Leye at the domestic airport wasted over an hour of my time despite knowing I was pregnant.

“I wouldn’t recommend Arik even to my worst enemy.”

Here are photos of the stranded passengers.




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