Basketball Wife Learns Of Husband’s 341 Affairs On Live TV (Watch)


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Brandi Maxiell, the wife of former Detroit Pistons center Jason Maxiell, was left shell-shocked when her husband revealed he had slept with a jaw-dropping 341 women.

Maxiell made the confession during a popular lifestyle show, Iyanla: ‘Fix my life’ when the two sat down to discuss how they could sort out their marriage.

Brandi, overcome by the revelation, stomped out of the interview to get a grip of herself.

The episode, which was aired over a year ago, explored themes of sexual addiction and alcoholism, vices that Maxiell denied being affected by.

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Brandi, in a message to the Shade Room, explained her thoughts

“Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. Jason, Baby Jason and I needed that.

“I would like to say I’m more frustrated with him blurting out a number to the world without no regard for my feelings. 8 put a damper on our relationship and I was willing to work on it. Over 50 tore it down!

“My focus is and has been since we went on this show a year ago, is to shift my ENTIRE life from being a great wife and mother into being the best mother & person I can be! I’m aware that my son will someday come across this video and witness what the man of his life has done to his mother & how I stood by and basically did nothing. Therefore, I have to prepare myself for that conversation with him ‘without lies’ but with compassion for my son. I’m going to use very detail of my upbringing, my illness, my marriage, my life good or bad, to raise my child to learn how to first love & respect God, himself, women & all of God’s creations.”

On her part, Iyanla had a few words for Jason Maxiell; “Every time you’re with another woman, you abandon you,” Iyanla said “And every time you tell another lie, you abandon you. And every time you take a drink to stuff the pain down, you abandon you. This wasn’t about sex. This was about punishment.”

You can see the video below

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