Bayelsa APC Chairman Defends Buhari’s Appointments


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The Bayelsa State Chairman of the All Progressives Party, APC, Chief Tiwei Orunimighe, has defended the appointments made so far by President Muhammadu Buhari which according to critics, has favoured the northern part of the country.

He said the appointments made so far could be taken as the President’s kitchen cabinet and domestic staff, which should come from among his trusted friends and he sees nothing wrong with the appointments.

“The appointments are such that belong to him; they are like his domestic staff and he should appoint his own trusted persons, not his enemies. So, the president must appoint someone who has the capacity to work with him, not tribe or religion, or ethnicity. There are up to 5,000 appointments to be made, and if that is the case and we are talking of federal character and zones, North East and North Central are not the same. It’s still different zones. We should look at the direction the country is going. If you watch now, you will see that Nigeria is beginning to take shape,” Orunimighe stated.

The APC chairman, who spoke yesterday in his office after a meeting of the party’s leadership and governorship aspirants in the state, recalled that former President Goodluck Jonathan equally appointed Southerners to compose his kitchen cabinet.

He noted that when Buhari was campaigning, he made specific promises like curbing corruption, insurgency, and fixing the economy, pointing out that all those promises were being vigorously pursued.

On the tussle by APC big weights for governorship ticket, the party chairman noted that APC is not the kind of party that runs from pillar to pole, seeking candidates to endorse.

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