‘I believe Nigerians owe me a lot for bringing them out of corruption ‘- Rotimi Amaechi

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Former Rivers state Governor and the current minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi who was the APC Presidential campaign manager for the 2015 general election believes Nigerians should be thankful to him for bringing them out of corruption.

He said that Nigerians owe him a lot for working tirelessly as the party campaign manager to bring them out of a corrupt government.

In a recent interview with Channels, Amaechi said Nigerians were tired of the past government. “Nigerians wanted change.”

“The level of corruption was very high so Nigerians wanted to contribute to removing that government. I believe that Nigerians owe me.”

“I believe that Nigerians owe me a lot. When I seat in my house, I feel that Nigerians owe me a lot. First, we saved this country from that level of corruption. Corruption where you see $50 million at Osborne street and those who shared in the corruption are busy dancing about it” he said.”


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