Benue: “You have failed phenomenally” – APC Reps scold FG


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Hassan Saleh, a member of the House of Representatives has handed the Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government a failure mark for its handling of the Benue tragedy.

Saleh (APC, Benue) addressing his colleagues at their first meeting after the yuletide celebration that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has no political will to solve the herdsmen conflict in the country.

His words: “What is happening is a failure of government right from Mr. President to all of us seated here.

“We met with Mr. President yesterday (Monday) and our takeaway was nothing. All he said was ‘go and investigate,’ (to security agencies).

“So, what is happening is that the political will to tackle this problem is not there.”

Another All Progressives Congress rep, Mr. Orker Jev echoed the claim that the government lacked the political will and highlighted the failure of government.

He said, “The political will is not there right from the Presidency. The government is not giving the herdsmen the same attention it has accorded Boko Haram insurgents.

“If the claim is that the killers are foreigners, is that not a failure of governance?

“Will you allow foreigners to come into your country, kill your citizens and you keep quiet because you have cultural affinity with the killers?”

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