Beyonce’s new album Lemonade praised by critics


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Beyonce’s latest album, Lemonade, has been largely praised by critics following its surprise Saturday release.

The singer held a one-hour promotional special on the HBO TV network and unbeknown to fans released Lemonade on Tidal following the show.

Writing in the Telegraph, Jonathan Bernstein said: “Lemonade is by far Beyonce’s strongest album.”

The album focuses on deeply personal themes such as infidelity.

This, along with the fact Beyonce has called the album a “visual” and “conceptual” project has led many to speculate about who the strong lyrics refer to.

Rumours of unhappiness in her marriage to Jay-Z have led people to suggest her husband is the most likely candidate.

The singer has also made a short film to accompany each track, with Jay-Z making an onscreen appearance in one too.

Bernstein said: “Lemonade is Beyonce at her most profane, political and personal.”

Focusing on the album’s often very strong language, Bernstein said: “Beyonce doesn’t just drop F-bombs, she carpet-bombs them.”

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