Billie Eilish Blasts ‘All Lives Matter’ Following George Floyd’s Death

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Billie Eilish has decided to express her thoughts and feelings following the death of George Floyd who was killed by a white police officer.

On Saturday, May 30, the 18-year-old singer took to social media to share a short essay she wrote amid days of protests across the country.

Billie Eilish wrote: “I’ve been trying to take this week to figure out a way to address this delicately. I have an enormous platform and I try really hard to be respectful and take time to think through what I say and how I say it…But holy f–king s–t I’m gonna just start talking.

“If I hear one more person say ‘aLL liVeS maTtEr’ one more fucking time I’m gonna lose my fucking mind,” Eilish continued. “Will you shut the fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup???? No one is saying your life doesn’t matter. No one is saying your life is not hard

“If all lives matter why are black people killed for just being black,” she asked. “Why are immigrants persecuted? Why are white people given opportunities that people of other races aren’t…white f–king privilege.”

Following the death of George Floyd, a lot of celebrities have shared their grief online. Just few days ago, Ice Cube cancelled his scheduled appearance on Good Morning Africa.

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The actor, who was once a member of the controversial group N.W.A said he’s just not in the mood. After posting a photo of him holding an ax he decided he couldn’t go forward with the show in a happy mood while black men in America are brutally murdered, noting that ‘America has failed us.’



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