Video: Black man weeps as Minneapolis protesters loot sports bar he invested life-savings into

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Ongoing protests demanding justice for slain George Floyd in Minneapolis and other cities across the United States have been hijacked by thugs looting shops and destroying private property.

This was revealed in a trending video showing an African-American man weeping after his sports bar, Scores Sports Bar, was ransacked by supposed protesters and looted on Wednesday.

In the video, looters that previously stole from the bar come back to steal his safe, right in his presence and on camera.

The bar owner was cleaning up his looted business when the thugs returned to finish off what they started.

The owner, who identified himself as KB Balla, says he invested his life-savings into the business.

He says he does not know where to start from.

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“I worked so hard to get here. So hard,” he says amidst tears.

Watch video:

Meanwhile, a gofundme account has been opened to help the small business owner get back on his feet.

The account, organised by Balls himself, sought to raise $100,000.

Created on Friday, the account has also raised $488,694 as of Saturday morning.

Attached to a call for help was the message: “Scores Sports Bar was set for a grand opening this spring but when COVID-19 hit that was put on pause. Now, just as Scores was gearing up to welcome customers with updated guidelines from the govenor, George Floyd was murdered and everything changed overnight.

“Scores Sports Bar was LOOTED,  VANDALIZED and DESTROYED 5/27/2020. This black-owned business is left trying to pick up the pieces amidst mourning with the community.

“About the Bar Owners: Kb Balla & his wife Twyana are active members of their community. KB is a Firefighter on the Brooklyn Center Fire Department and Twyana was a member of the Sounds of Blackness. They have a 4 beautiful children and the toll of this entire situation is heavy. KB has been a community entrepreneur for decades and coaches and contributes to the community in which they live.”

President Donald Trump had threatened to order the National Guard to shoot anyone found looting private or public property under the guise of protests.

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