Bimbo Success Blames Insufficient Training for Industry’s Loss of Substance

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Bimbo Success, a renowned Yoruba movie star, has expressed her concerns regarding the lack of flexibility among actors in the industry, attributing it to insufficient training. In an exclusive interview with The Punch, Bimbo pointed out that some actresses mistakenly believe that having financial resources alone is sufficient for producing a successful film. She firmly believes that the industry’s loss of substance can be attributed to wealthy actresses who produce movies without formal training.

Bimbo Success

Bimbo emphasized the importance of training in enabling actors to effectively interpret their roles and bring depth to their performances. She lamented the fact that certain individuals in the industry neglect the necessity of training, particularly actresses who solely rely on their financial means. According to her, these individuals hastily produce movies without acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge beforehand. This lack of preparation ultimately leads to a dearth of quality in their productions.

Expanding on her perspective, Bimbo Success stated, “It is lack of training (that makes actors not to be flexible in interpreting their roles). There are some people in the industry who do not go for training. There are some ladies, who shot movies just because they had money. They would go behind closed doors to do the movie without prior training. Once they have money, they produce films, even without knowing the job.

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