Blac Chyna Gives A Sneak Peek


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Blac Chyna is taking the baby bump and all that comes with it gently, as she gradually savours each moment of her step into motherhood.

The latest addition to the Kardashian family through Rob Kardashian took to her Instagram page to share a scan photo of the foetus in her womb.



Ecstatic and Happy Blac Chyna praised her man, Rob, in the caption as she wrote:

“For a long time I felt like King was going to be an only child. That he was my greatest blessing and we were gonna live happily ever after together Just the 2 of us, I was no longer looking for love because I thought I had all that I needed. We needed,

“But look at God ! Here I am engaged to be married to one of the greatest men I know who loves King & I unconditionally AND having another bundle of joy!

“I just want to say Never give up & ALWAYS have faith because fairytales do come true #LookAtOurLittleNugget #KingsGoingToBeABigBrother.”

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