Bring The Killers Of DSP Alkali Mohammed To Book – Nigerian Wailers Tell The Nigeria Police Force

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Our attention has been drawn to the reports of violence in some areas of Rivers state during the election rerun on Saturday the 10th of November, 2016 which the Nigerian army in its official report stated that a police officer, DSP Alkali Mohammed was beheaded during the election.

This sadistic act is alien to democracy in any part of the world. That a police officer will be killed mercilessly. Nigeria as the most populous black race on earth ought not be known for such barbaric acts where law enforcement officers will be murdered in cold blood.

According to news report, Mr Alkali Mohammed, who was a Deputy Superintendent of Police, was killed during an ambush at Omoku, Onelga Local Government Area. He was reportedly killed alongside his orderly.

Some police officers confirmed Mr Mohammed’s death, stating that he was a member of the Mobile Police 19 team in Port Harcourt and that he was a brave officer as well as the son of a retired police officer.

Elections in Nigeria has become a matter of war. This is because of the politicians who forcefully foist themselves against the wishes of the electorates. It is sad that in forcefully foisting and imposing themselves on the people, innocent people who are carrying out their diligent service to the nation become the victims of such heinous acts.

We condemn these horrendous acts, display and demonstrations by the politicians and urge them to desist from electoral violence, and the “take it by force attitude” in every election in Nigeria. Politicians must not continue to spill the blood of innocent Nigerians just to attain powers and positions at all cost. We also to reiterate that all those that incited violence before the elections should be held responsible and must face the law no matter how highly placed in position or affiliated to the ruling party or in opposition party, because, they were also part of those that aggravated the tension and violence in the state during the elections which has led to the death of our law enforcers and rivers citizens.

The Federal Government of Nigeria headed by President Muhammadu should call both the ruling APC and PDP to order. he should also stop his party members from intimidating the electorate with what they termed as “Federal Might”, this is one critical problem that must be resolved.

When the people perceive that the election is being compromised by the federal government via the law enforcement agencies, they are tempted to take laws into their hands to resist oppression and intimidation. This is not part of our tenets of democracy. No citizen should be forced to resort to lawlessness and anarchy because the instruments of government and government Agencies is subverting their wishes. The Government must carry out it’s duties and functions by ensuring that the security provided does not infringe on the people’s rights during electioneering process.

The Nigerian Wailers, condemn the brutal and wicked killing of DSP Alkali Mohammed in strong terms. The act is not just wicked but regrettably sad. The act has sent sorrow to the family of the slain officer who was reported to be one of our best hands in the Nigerian police.

The Nigerian people must rise up and condemn this wicked act to forestall it’s reoccurrences because, the police are meant to secure and protect the people and should not be killed by hooligans and political thugs.

Therefore, we call on the Inspector General of Police, Nigerian Government to investigate the killing of DSP Alkali Mohammed and his orderly who were beheaded during an ambush at Omoku, Onelga LGA and bring the evil doers to face the full length of the law.

Usman Abubakar
Ag. NPS, Nigerian Wailers
Headquarters, FCT, Abuja.

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