Buhari has at least £1m In the Bank – Daily Mail


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The English Daily has laid into the President, Muhammadu Buhari saying that he has at least £1m in the Bank, 5 houses and 2 plots of land.

The Foreign Newspaper also reported that Britain is set to give Nigeria £250m in aid this year.

In their words “The presence of Nigeria’s president at David Cameron’s anti-corruption summit this week may surprise many in his nation – which receives vast amounts of UK aid.

Self-proclaimed ‘People’s President’ Muhammadu Buhari began a war on corruption after taking power last year, but critics allege it is a political witch-hunt.

The Government is giving nearly £250million in the coming year to oil-rich Nigeria, whose president sends his daughter to a £26,000-a-year English school.”

They reported that PDP sympathisers had in April discovered a ticket stub confirming that Buhari’s daughter, Hanan, had flown first class from London to Nigeria even after the President had expressly stated that no government official was allowed to do so with government funds.

The Daily Mail also talked about the vast amounts in which government officials earn in Nigeria stating “Nigeria has the highest-paid government officials in the world but is one of the largest beneficiaries of UK foreign aid.” 

They concluded that the Nigerian Embassy have so far not commented on any of the allegations.

President Buhari has been credited with saying that he sends his children overseas for their education because he can afford it and the daily wasn’t clear as to whether the money spent by Buhari or his family was government funds or personal cash.

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  1. betanaija says

    A case of kettle calling pot black. Hypocrisy personified. I pity ordinary Nigerians that put their trust in any politician.
    The world is now a global village. Nothing is hidden anymore. Where are the Code of Conduct clowns?

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