Buhari, Osinbajo Already Had Plans to Sack DSS Boss Daura


Mr. Lawal Daura, the now Director-General, Department of State Security Service (DSS) was sacked following the DSS’ invasion of the National Assembly

Reports have now emerged that there were plans in place by the Presidency to sack the DSS boss which were almost scuppered by backers of the Security chieftain

According to the Nation, the President and his Vice had already more or less decided the fate of Daura before he was finally fired on the 7th of August

Speaking on the decision-making process between the President and Osinbajo, a source in Aso Rock said to the Nation:

“Less than two weeks before the president departed for the UK on vacation there was a decision already reached to replace the former Director-General of the DSS who was later fired by the Acting President.

“The decision, however, did not see the light of day when some influential backers of the sacked DG rallied together to frustrate the plan.

“But unknown to many of the backers both the President and his deputy have always discussed the need to review the appointments of some of the security chiefs including the sacked DG.”

According to the Nation, another source said there are no problems between Buhari and Osinbajo;

“The President and VP have closely been aligned all along including in the past two weeks that the Vice President governed in acting capacity,” the source said.

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“Although the President was on vacation he and the VP were in contact by phone to discuss important state issues and compare notes.

“In all their interactions, the President always encouraged the VP to do the needful and take charge effectively.

“It is really pointless to try to attribute some of these decisions in a manner that suggests that may be the President would not have taken them or that it was just one arm of the presidency responsible for them.

“The President and his deputy are far much closer than any other set of leaders the country has produced at least since 1999, if not even beyond.”

“It is therefore mischievous for some people to be comparing the two leaders. Truth is that the President and his VP act in concert and credit ought to be given to the President who has ensured over and again that the VP is certainly a major power broker in the presidency.

“There is hardly a move the VP would make without first securing the blessing of the President and both of these gentlemen have developed mutual trust and confidence in each other and this is beneficial for the country.”

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