Buhari’s Aide Slams Niger Delta Govs For Misappropriating 13% Derivation Fund


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The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta, Senator Ita Enang says the region’s development would have been accelerated if its governors were not misappropriating the 13 percent derivation fund accruing to the region.

He spoke Thursday during a webinar on ‘Resolving the Host Communities Question’, organised by Orderpaper in partnership with the House of Representatives’ Committee on Niger Delta and the Nigeria Natural Resource Charter (NNRC).

Enang said, “The Governors have not been kind to the Niger Delta, and I want to pray that the National Assembly amend the Niger Delta Development Commission Act, as well as amend the constitution so that the 13 per cent derivation does not go to the governors; it should go to the host communities and targeted at the development of these communities.

“This is because the governors used the 13 per cent derivation to buy aircraft and used the money to develop and build many houses and these monies are found in Banana Island and foreign countries. Let us find a legislative means whereby these monies can be used for the development of the communities.”

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Enang said a fate similar to that of Enugu would befall the Niger Delta states if the oil-producing areas continue to be neglected.

“If we do not take care, the Niger Delta would be given the same treatment that Enugu was given. When oil ceases to be important, when solar energy and other alternative energy sources are exploited to the fullest, we would be looking for who to pay to come and rid our area of oil pollution.

“See what has happened to Enugu; it has been abandoned now by Nigeria. It was the state where coal was taken to power our locomotives and energy; but today, Enugu is suffering from erosion, suffering from ecological challenges,” the presidential aide stated.

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