Buhari’s ‘Supporters’ Are Sponsoring Foreign Media Attacks On Him – Shehu Sani


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Senator Shehu Sani has declared his support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption fight while revealing that there is grand scheme by insiders in the Presidency to scuttle the war.

Sanni further revealed that these unnamed people have also resorted to influencing foreign media to castigate and nail policies of the president including his economic policies which Financial Times UK called the height of foolishness.

Sani lamented that these insiders were doing all these to scuttle Buhari’s bilateral agreement with the government of the United Arab Emirates for all stolen monies to be retrieved.

“Any attempt to undermine or sabotage or stifle President Muhammadu Buhari-led bilateral agreement with the government of UAE in his effort to recover looted funds stashed as deposits, shares, bonds or real estate must be resisted by all well-meaning Nigerians.

“Algeria with a population of about 40million have a foreign reserve of $160 billion and Nigeria with 175 million have $28 billion.

“Nigerians should be weary of all sorts of propaganda and misinformation against PMB’s efforts, by those who have gotten the signal that the law is closing in on them and their loot.

“Saboteurs are already at work, using capitalists foreign media to discredit, dismiss and condemn Buhari’s economic policies. Time shall expose their perfidy and deception,” Sani wrote on Facebook.

In a similar post, Sani said: “from Washington Post to Bloomberg and now Financial Times of London, our people’s president is bashed; those behind it know themselves.

“They are those who are opposed to Buhari’s economics but have no liver to speak out to challenge him. They have now resorted to proxy attack and blackmail from the outside.

“They are pro-Buhari in public and anti-Buhari in private. They have again invented and planted a false story in the media that there’s crisis in PMB cabinet because of his signing of agreement with Dubai authorities.

“All is to stop PMB. God protect our president.”

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  1. igboham says

    Buhari’s policies are bad and I wish you guys stop blaming the messengers and fix it. Start by ending the killing of my IPOB people.

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