Burkina Faso Announce Clinical Trials for Chloroquine to Combat COVID-19


As confirmed cases of COVID-19 increase in Africa, Burkina Faso has taken the bull by the horns, announcing two clinical trials of Chloroquine and Apivirine as possible drugs to combat the viral pandemic.

The decision to carry out test trials of the drugs was taken by Burkina Faso’s Council of Ministers who met to make the decision through video conferencing on Thursday after five cabinet members tested positive for Coronavirus.

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Making the details of the trials known to the Press, spokesperson for the government, Remis Dandjinou said the health alert will enable authorities take extra steps like using hotels to confine suspected COVID-19 cases.

He said further that the government decided to test two drugs as potential treatment for cases of COVID-19.

He revealed that the trial testing of the Chloroquine-Azitromycin formula will be anchored by Dr. Alidou Tinto who is a researcher.

Dr. Alidou thereafter explained that the trial will be conducted on 30 individuals Infected with the Covid-19 virus.

“A clinical trial will be conducted on the next 30 patients who will be treated with chloroquine in combination with Azitromycin. If the trends are positive, the authorities will be alerted,” he said further.

Apivirine, a drug produced in Benin Republic and largely used in the treatment of HIV AIDS is also expected to be tested alongside Chloroquine.

The clinical trials are expected to take place in Benin Republic and Burkina Faso. It will take into account severe cases of the COVID-19 as well as mild cases reported within the last eight weeks.

Burkina Faso currently have 156 confirmed COVID-19 cases including 10 recoveries and seven deaths.

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